Barack Obama’s New Political Strategy, “Fight the Smears”: Modern-Day McCarthyism.

June 13, 2008


Many of you may remember from your history class that during the early days of the cold war, Sen. Joe McCarthy wanted Americans to ferret out and report people with questionable ties.


The term McCarthyism has become synonymous with political persecution and or most commonly, a witch hunt.  Do not be deceived, this is definitely political persecution and unquestionably a witch hunt. Guess what, we are the witches!


Senator Obama wants Americans to ferret out and report people who are practicing their Constitutional right to free speech.  His “truth squad” thugs will be scouring the internet, with one purpose; to stop you from speaking up or speaking out about his questionable ties. Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle…dare I say it? 


What Sen. Obama intends to do is circumvent the constitution and impose censorship on the internet.  If you look closely at Obama’s website, you will see a graphic of a megaphone and the text “Received a Smear? Forward the Email to 


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s got a watchdog and he is coming after you!  If you have forwarded an email that is in any way disparaging to the senator, it could end up in the teeth of his watchdog. 


If you have emailed the DNC, any Superdelegate, or any public official and said anything remotely anti-Obama; you could end up on the receiving end of an Obama thug’s backhand.


If Obama and his thugs have it their way, you could end up being drug into court to face libel charges. This is the only natural conclusion one could draw, given the force behind his efforts.


Obama would have all of us handcuffed, our mouths duct taped shut, while his thugs sanitize the internet and our personal email, of anything remotely anti-Obama.  That would include any support for John McCain and Hillary Clinton. 


All of us have faced persecution by one of Obama’s thugs on a blog or in person.  All of us have been confronted with what they are capable of saying and doing; harassment, identity theft, and crashing servers.


All of us know what Obama is capable of when facing political candidates, imagine what he can do to ordinary, everyday Americans. Obama claims that his efforts are to fight smear tactics.  But, let’s not drink that Kool-Aid. 


Obama wants to stop free speech, pure and simple.