News Flash: Barack Obama Sandbags, and it is Not a Political Opponent!

June 15, 2008

Barack Obama helps out flood victims in the Midwest by bagging sand.  Finally when someone asks one of his followers: Name one accomplishment of Barack Obama?  They can say he helped flood victims in the Midwest.  And, he did it in dress slacks and a crisp white shirt.  I’m sure this will end up on his painfully thin resume’ as Floodplain Management.  Much in the same way his time working in Street Outreach became Community Organizing

Presidential candidates should stay away from natural disasters.  It just looks smarmy.  The people living the nightmare are suffering enough. 

R.I.P. Tim Russert (1950-2008)

June 13, 2008

Seeing that tattered  American flag flying at half mast in Buffalo… the thoughts that image bring to my mind.  Tim was everyman.  Everyman that watched their Dad come home from work, only to turn to go to work again.  In the name of family, in the name of God, in the name of America. 

Tim took his fathers blue collar work ethic to NBC and never let it show.  Well, maybe a little.  He loved God… he loved his family… he loved his work…  he loved his politics… and, he loved America.  Tim embolizes that tattered American flag in this election cycle. 

He was both blue collar in his workethic and white collar in his sharp interviewing skills, he was trusted.  His viewers knew he cared deeply about politics and often knew more than those he interviewed. 

For every American that is frayed at the edges, but still showing our true colors…Tim was the man that asked the things we wanted to know…and he got answers.  Journalism has lost a noble lion today.  Godspeed… 

Barack Obama’s New Political Strategy, “Fight the Smears”: Modern-Day McCarthyism.

June 13, 2008


Many of you may remember from your history class that during the early days of the cold war, Sen. Joe McCarthy wanted Americans to ferret out and report people with questionable ties.


The term McCarthyism has become synonymous with political persecution and or most commonly, a witch hunt.  Do not be deceived, this is definitely political persecution and unquestionably a witch hunt. Guess what, we are the witches!


Senator Obama wants Americans to ferret out and report people who are practicing their Constitutional right to free speech.  His “truth squad” thugs will be scouring the internet, with one purpose; to stop you from speaking up or speaking out about his questionable ties. Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle…dare I say it? 


What Sen. Obama intends to do is circumvent the constitution and impose censorship on the internet.  If you look closely at Obama’s website, you will see a graphic of a megaphone and the text “Received a Smear? Forward the Email to 


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Obama’s got a watchdog and he is coming after you!  If you have forwarded an email that is in any way disparaging to the senator, it could end up in the teeth of his watchdog. 


If you have emailed the DNC, any Superdelegate, or any public official and said anything remotely anti-Obama; you could end up on the receiving end of an Obama thug’s backhand.


If Obama and his thugs have it their way, you could end up being drug into court to face libel charges. This is the only natural conclusion one could draw, given the force behind his efforts.


Obama would have all of us handcuffed, our mouths duct taped shut, while his thugs sanitize the internet and our personal email, of anything remotely anti-Obama.  That would include any support for John McCain and Hillary Clinton. 


All of us have faced persecution by one of Obama’s thugs on a blog or in person.  All of us have been confronted with what they are capable of saying and doing; harassment, identity theft, and crashing servers.


All of us know what Obama is capable of when facing political candidates, imagine what he can do to ordinary, everyday Americans. Obama claims that his efforts are to fight smear tactics.  But, let’s not drink that Kool-Aid. 


Obama wants to stop free speech, pure and simple.

Open Letter To Obama Campaign, DNC:

June 13, 2008

Dear David Plouff:

Campaign Manager
Obama for America


With all due reverence and respect, there is no way in hell that I will ever, ever, ever support Barack Obama.  It was an over-hyped demagogue that stole an election in 2000 and in a few short years sent this country and this economy into a tailspin.


I do not agree with the decision of the RBC and May 31, 2008 will live in my memory for as long as Florida in 2000 remains in my memory.  It is also a date that will live in infamy as the day that a “smoke-filled back room” came out into the light the era that is youtube and called it democracy.


Barack’s questionable associations, his underhanded tactics to run unopposed in Illinois, his lack of experience, his voting record, his outright lie in ‘04 about not running in ’08, and his tactics of fear are alarming to say the least (Supreme Court! Supreme Court! Supreme Court! Healthcare for some! Global Warming! Etc. etc.).


Further, Roe vs. Wade is a Supreme Court decision that withstood the Republican administrations of, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald H. Ford, Ronald W. Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and George W. Bush, so that argument is a non-starter. The National Organization of Women and Planned Parenthood simply wouldn’t let that be overturned.


The level of misogyny in this campaign by the Main-Stream Media and your candidate is appalling. I have a long list of offences, if you’d like me to send them. It would infuriate me to have my mom called some of the atrocious, viscous, belittling names that HRC has been called just because she is a fighter. Likewise, I am infuriated that any woman, especially a presidential candidate would be treated in such an insulting manner. 


This is NOT an issue of race; it is an issue of sexism, misogyny, discrimination and defamation. How would you feel if your wife were called the C-word, the B-word and a power grubbing W-word or to be called “Annie Oakley-carrying a six shooter”? As well as people wishing she were dead and said she had no validity as a candidate because she got there only because her husband screwed around on her.


Barack Obama does not have one policy or a speech that he has not plagiarized from someone else. When truly pressed he can’t expand on any of his policy positions, his lackeys have to address them in a press release later to say: Sen. Obama meant to say this…  This is not a quality I want in a president. 


I do not want The Democratic Party to be hi-hacked by the left wing nut jobs of the Socialist Party, in the same way the Religious Right hi-jacked the Republican Party. The grass-roots effort that put Obama where he is, are those who smoke grass and drink roots in their tea. If that is the New Democratic Party, I want no part of it! In the words of HRC “…that’s not Change you can believe in, that’s Change you can Xerox!”


I do not believe in Barack Obama’s ethno-baiting: the idea that if you speak out, you are in someway being disrespectful of another’s race, gender or ethnicity.  We are all Americans united under one constitution and one banner, the American Flag. We are united under that flag; and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, with liberty and justice for all!


I believe in the constitution, and I believe in your right to speak whatever you believe; no matter how offensive.  I also believe that same constitution gives me the right to speak my mind, as loud as I can, regardless if it offends the uber-sensitive Barack Obama.  Our forefathers fought to defend that rightI will fight to defend that right.


As offensive Rev. Wright, Rev. Moss, and Fr. Pfleger’s remarks are; they have a constitutional right to say them.  As I have the right to believe that Barack Obama not only believes them but, ascribes to them.


As far as your assertion that Democrats should blindly follow the nominee; this reveals your fundamental lack of understanding of the history of the Democratic Party.  The examples of Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry come to mind. 


LA elected an Indian-American, Republican, with a message of change from the politics of the past, and that Republicans and Democrats can work together for a brighter future. Bobby Jindhal ran against 3 Democrats and never slung an ounce of mud at anyone! 


Jindhal’s campaign slogan was “We can change! We must change! We will change!”  Gov. Jindhal is fulfilling his campaign promises and has garnered national attention for his efforts.  But, Barack Obama, is NOT a Democratic version of Bobby Jindal. Running against a woman in his first race for governor, and he was never once misogynistic, mean or spiteful!  He lost. But won in the end, women admire him and voted overwhelmingly for him in his 2nd race for governor.


I am a real Democrat; it is a Louisiana tradition dating back to the times when you could not vote in a primary if you were not a registered Democrat.  This tactic was eventually discarded, the tradition remained.

I am a real Democrat; because I truly believe in the values of the Democratic Party, and the values on which this country was founded. But, I am a Christian, Patriotic American, bi-racial, gay, Democrat.  My faith is first; my country is second, party affiliation falls fifth in my priorities.   Many others would say that they are Americans first and Democrats second.

Respectfully, I ask that we agree to disagree. Further, I ask that you not to denigrate me for my belief that Hillary Clinton would be a better president.  I also respectfully ask that Sen. Obama issue a memo to his staff, his bloggers, and his surrogates that they stop kicking Sen. Clinton, Pres. Clinton, and their supporters. 

Sen. Clinton has offered her full throated support for Obama and pledged to “work her heart out for him.” I believe she will. However, his supporters are saying horrible things about her, such as: wishing for herdeath, calling for her impeachment and already blaming her for his loss in November.  In the so-called name of Unity this cannot continue.  It is reprehensible and discourteous. Many Clinton supporters have fond memories of the 1990’s; as do I.

It was a Clinton that gave me the opportunity to go to college at the age of 26. It was a Clinton that created an economy that gave me a great job.  It was a Clinton that gave me the ability to buy a home. It was a Clinton that gave me hope for a better future than my poor rural roots. It was a Clinton that gave me my chance at the American Dream!  It was Hillary Clinton who gave me hope that I could reclaim my American Dream!


When I became disabled in 2005 due to a car accident, I lost my job. I had to choose between health insurance and a home. I wasn’t an irresponsible borrower. My mortgage is $600 a month @ 6.5% fixed. My Health Insurance is $550 a month. I now live with my partner and rent my home to cover the mortgage. It hurts me as a man to not be able to provide for myself.


In 2007 my Life Partner had a job one day, and the next it was gone, the company went bankrupt. He lost his 18 year job, his entire 401k and health insurance in one day!  Fortunately he is a computer geek and got a job about 4 weeks later.  He is starting over at 50. 


Don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed to have a Life Partner that is helping me get back on my feet.  So many others in Louisiana have lost everything due to Katrina, Rita and the mortgage meltdown.


We both have hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that I will be restored to health, and back to working condition. My partner has hopes to restore his retirement and secure his financial future. We both had hope that Hillary would be the next president. And…WE STILL HAVE HOPE. I know Hillary will continue to fight for us!  It is in her lifeblood and it is her life’s work.


Barack Obama does not give me hope, although he hypes it like the host of a TV shopping channel hawking a faux diamond tennis bracelet.


Thank you for your letter and your appeal for your candidate.  I respectfully decline to answer your appeal and decline to lend my support; nevertheless, I remain a true Democrat.



A BlueDawgDem

Baton Rouge, LA


Say No to BO in ’08 – buy deodorant.

Open Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton:

June 13, 2008

Dear Hillary,


My heart is filled with pride that I was part of your valiant, tireless and historic effort on my behalf.


My thanks to Bill, Chelsea, and your darling mother as well to all the others that also worked so tirelessly on our behalf.


The following is my personal tribute to you, Hillary Rodham Clinton. I am no Mya Angelou but, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.




I am one,


I am one of 18 million,


I am one with them in history,


I am one with them in her story,


I am one with them in our story…


I am no longer invisible,


I am respected,


I am vocal,


I am one…